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          樂清市林川機械主營: 西服男女裝整燙機、模型燙臺真空燙臺、吹吸加熱模型燙臺、定制模具等。生產及開發國內外各種整燙機電腦及配件。



          Yueqing Linchuan Machinery Main: suits, men and women equipped with ironing machine, shirt ironing machine, model ironing table, vacuum 1 roning platform, super blowing, heating model , ironing table, custom mold, etc.Production and development of various domestic ironing machines, computers and accessories.

          The company since the beginning, it has a Iarge number of high一tech personnel, vigorously apply high一tech processing technology, the introduction of first 一 class Iaser cutting machine CNC bending machine"three 一 dimensional"machining center, greatly improving the overall fit of each ) oint force balance and die 一 It has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, stability and wear resistance.

          Linchuan Machinery in the" people 一 oriented , quality first, and strive to innovation," the concept of enterprise development and dedication to the Chinese garment manufacturers to provide high 一 quality ironing equipment and programs. Also eagerly hope that the new and old customers in the community put forward valuable advice, to ioin hands in creating quality products.


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